About Us

Incorporated in 1969 in Hartford, Connecticut, Newfield Construction is a privately held, family-owned business that prides itself on historic excellence, attention to service, superb communication and solid industry reputation. With a bonding capacity in excess of $220M, we are accomplished builders who tackle complicated projects, continually seeking out challenge in our work. From the initial meeting to the project's completion, Newfield strives to exceed your expectations. Our pride comes from pointing to a building, whether a school, fire house or hotel and saying, "We built that." We hope your pride comes from choosing the Newfield team as your builder of choice. 

Newfield employees have earned the trust and respect of our clients because we work in support of their best interest at all times, no matter what the circumstances. Consistency and continuity of our staff allows for creative problem solving and quick decision making, leading to strong relationships with our clients. For clients who have multiple projects, Newfield realizes a 94% client retention rate.

Always looking for ways to give back to the community, Newfield participates with many local organizations to support their mission. One such organization is the ACE Mentor Program, an after-school group that gives high school students a hands-on introduction to Architecture Construction Engineering (ACE). This Mentor Program matches 15-20 students with ACE professionals and mentors who volunteer their time to teach students about the industry. Newfield is proud to have been involved with the ACE program since 2009. Our staff has found particular enjoyment giving back to students who are engaged in learning about the dynamics of building and design.



"It's rewarding to bring a depth of design and construction knowledge to these students, as well as having the backing
of the
ACE Mentor program to draw scholarship funds for their future education in the design and construction world." 

Chris Archer, Southington High School ACE Mentor and Newfield Project Engineer