Bristol, CT

Newfield has been a regular construction provider to ESPN over the years. Newfield has completed renovation of the following types of spaces within the ESPN complex:

  • Offices
  • Data Center
  • Broadcasting Studios
  • Lobby Area
  • Wellness Center Addition

ESPN's design and construction standards are very high. Besides normal coordination of documentation and subcontractors, Newfield paid special attention to the electrical and HVAC trades which are the focus of ESPN's work areas. System redundancies are always a priority for ESPN as there is a zero tolerance for downtime when broadcasting. In addition, the buildings are always occupied during construction, prompting rigid requirements regarding noise, dust and other environmental factors. Some 2nd shift work was completed in order to keep disruption to a minimum.

Newfield constructed a 4,700 square foot addition and renovation to the Wellness Center on their main campus. Coordination with security and corporate office users was highly integrated within this project team. Lockers, bathrooms, showers and entry vestibule were part of this project.