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McLean Home
McLean Home
McLean Home
McLean Home

Newfield has worked at McLean since 1999 and has enhanced the environment of this premier continuum of care provider.

The Robinson Assisted Living
Renovation of this assisted living area within McLean included the renovation and upgrading of ten living units. The goal in this renovation was to maintain a residential and neighborhood feel, so that residents can seek out activities to meet their daily needs. Newfield also relocated the physical therapy department to accommodate the increase in living area for residents.

The Atwater Memory Care Assisted Living
Twenty-four new suites have been renovated within this memory care assisted living "neighborhood". This area allows residents the freedom to come and go on their own to socialize with others in the living room, country kitchen and family-style dining areas, explore the outdoor deck with planting boxes and enjoy the neighborhood spa, all the while being safely monitored by cutting-edge technology.

Dental Clinic
A new dental clinic at McLean allows residents the option of staying within the facility for routine dental care. The renovation included exam room, laboratory and office facility.

Fire Protection Project
An upgraded fire protection system was installed throughout the entire McLean facility. Newfield worked carefully to coordinate construction activities since the facility is continually occupied.

Chapel/Terrace Addition
A new 7500 square foot addition allows residents to congregate for worship. Adjacent to their dementia facility, the addition's rooftop was developed into a terrace so that residents can go outside in a safe environment.

Other Renovations
- Resident room upgrades
- New welcome center in main lobby
- Exam areas
- Offices