U.S. Navy Submarine Base

Groton, CT

U.S. Navy Submarine Base

Personnel Services Building #83

Newfield completed major interior and exterior facade renovations to this 83,000 square foot historic office building. We worked closely with the Navy to renovate this fully occupied building in four phases. All systems and finishes were upgraded and security was of utmost concern. As part of the renovation, the Body Works Fitness Center was retrofitted to accept new HVAC, electrical and fire protection systems. New flooring and finishes completed this 7,000 square foot gymnasium and locker room upgrade. Strength training and cardiovascular equipment is available and an indoor mezzanine running track provides warm up opportunities. The facility houses flat-screen TV's near machines. Overall, the work Newfield has completed at the Subbase is a source of pride as we received a very high evaluation for this project.

Building IBU #22

Newfield constructed a new 12,000 square foot submarine maintenance facility. The metal building includes two large bays for submarine work, storage area administrative office, boat shed and small arms storage containment.

Dolphin Youth Center

Built in a Design/Build format, Newfield completed a 15,000 square foot youth center for military family use. The facility includes a full-size gymnasium, computer lounge, teen center, multipurpose room, classroom/meeting rooms, music room, snack bar, office and support spaces. The facility helps to ease new military families into the community and allows an outlet for children's interests.