Carmen Arace Intermediate and Middle School

Bloomfield, CT

"The Newfield team has provided sound advice, perspective and professionalism throughout
our projects. This team understands the nuances of public school construction and the
requirements of the Bureau of School Facilities. I enjoy working with Newfield Construction."

Wayne Casper, Director of Facilities, Bloomfield Public Schools

Carmen Arace Middle and Intermediate School
Newfield acted as Construction Manager on this 650-student middle school. Originally constructed in 1971 with code updates in mid-1990, this 170,000 square foot facility was in need of significant renovation and system upgrades. Physically separated into an Intermediate and Middle School, this project was completed in 4-phases, while the building was occupied. A strict budget dictated the need for stringent preconstruction services which Newfield delivered through sound budgeting and value engineering exercises.

Project components included new general offices, art rooms, science labs and general classroom upgrades. New mechanical, plumbing, electrical and fire protection systems include full building sprinkler system, ducted supply and return air systems, accessible plumbing fixtures, fire alarm system, exit and emergency lighting, security systems, data and technology, electrical power / lighting systems. Exterior renovations included window and entrance system replacements.

The project adhered to Bloomfield's Minority and Women Owned Business requirements. We also reached out to community groups to attract local trade talent to the project.

Bloomfield High School
Newfield acted as Construction Manager on the Bloomfield High School renovation. This 170,000 square foot renovation include upgrades to the site's vehicular and pedestrian traffic circulation, window replacements, new HVAC system and controls, finishes, technology upgrades, and security controls. New science labs and media center are housed in the new addition. New arts and music space, as well as general classroom and office space renovations were undertaken. Nearly every space within the building was lightly or heavily renovated. The project was completed in 7-phases, while the building was occupied. No portable classrooms were used.

Big Picture High School
Newfield completed Bloomfield's alternative high school which includes the renovation of 30,000 square feet of office space into high school use. New classrooms were added as well as a data center, gymnasium, kitchen, new HVAC and electrical systems, ADA upgrades, elevator replacement, new roof and interior finishes.

Bloomfield High School
In 2001, Newfield provided renovation services at Bloomfield High School. This 40,000 square foot renovation included major work within the cafeteria,common areas and also included some window replacements. This project was completed in 8-phases.