Greater Hartford Jaycees
Community Boathouse

Hartford, CT
Riverfront Recapture
Jeter, Cook & Jepson
Construction Management at Risk

With the cooperation of government and private sector teams, Riverfront Recapture, Inc. saw the completion of a two-story Victorian-style boathouse in Hartford’s Riverside Park. For decades, Riverfront attempted to reconnect Greater Hartford to the Connecticut River, and this project was the culmination of years of planning and design efforts.

This award-winning building incorporates many features required by its location to withstand the river’s annual flooding. Louvers on the first floor allow water to flow through the building during flood season, 45’-long steel pilings anchor the structure in the bedrock below the park’s sandy soil, and aluminum doors on the first floor prevent rusting. The boathouse accommodates 64 sculls and shells on the first floor, with additional room for expansion.
The second-floor community room opens to a spacious front porch with sweeping river views. This exciting and well-received facility can accommodate up to 300 guests for a single event and has become the “hot spot” for parties and receptions.