Safety Is At The Heart Of Every Jobsite

Newfield’s Corporate Safety program is at the heart of this commitment, a comprehensive and stringent approach to safety measures and protocols. Furthermore, in our dedication to maintaining the best safety standards, all Newfield Supervisors undergo thorough training and must have an OSHA-30 certification. This aligns with our proactive approach to risk management, as emphasized by our regular quarterly safety training meetings involving all field personnel. 

For Newfield Construction, the safety of our workers is paramount. We believe in creating and maintaining a safe site where every team member can confidently work, knowing they will return home safely every night.

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Zero-Incident Policy

With its long-standing reputation, Newfield Construction has over 50 years of experience in the construction industry. The company has remained staunchly committed to a zero-incident safety policy, ensuring that all our sites and operations maintain the highest safety standards.