New Haven Railyard
Transportation Building

New Haven, CT
State of CT, DOT
Jeter Cook Jepsen
Construction Management at Risk

Newfield constructed a new transportation building to upgrade all rail facilities within the New Haven Rail Yard for conductor and engine crew use. This 18,700-square-foot, two-story concrete structure serves several functions:

The primary function within the facility is that it is the location of the yardmaster, who directs track assignments and controls the switches in the yard from a local control panel. Wheel counters protect switches to prevent the accidental throwing of a button under a train. In coordination with the main line traffic controller in Grand Central Terminal in New York City, the New Haven yardmaster controls train movements between the main line and the yard. The track configuration allows direct signals between four Metro-North platform tracks and any yard track.

The transportation building is also the reporting location for all train and engine crew personnel. The building contains amenities such as locker rooms with showers, a bunk room, a meeting room, and a lunchroom with vending machines for hot and cold snacks and beverages.

Office space is provided for mechanical department personnel responsible for inspection of the cars while in the yard.